Great Grass Starts With Great Sod

Great Grass Starts With Great Sod

Find out more about sod installation in Winter Haven, FL and surrounding areas

Is your lawn patchy or bare? If so, sod is a great way to get a new lawn growing quickly. New sod installation is easy with the help of Y + G Services. Our experienced team in Winter Haven, FL will take care of the entire process, from preparing the ground to filling in the seams. We'll help you determine the best kind of sod for your property so that you get healthy, long-term growth.

Some of the most common types of sod we lay include:

  • Argentine bahiagrass
  • Zoysia grass
  • Palmetto St. Augustine grass
  • Floratam St. Augustine grass

Each of these has a different appearance and price point. Our team will help you choose the right one.

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How is sod properly established?

No matter what type of sod you choose, the process of installing and establishing it are roughly the same. Our team will loosen the area to be sodded to about six to eight inches. We'll rake the loose soil and then lay down the sod. You'll appreciate our attention to detail as we make sure the seams are tightly pressed together and filled with topsoil. Finally, we'll roll the sodded area. With proper watering and care, you should have a well-rooted lawn in a few weeks.

Talk to one of our team members about your new sod installation in Winter Haven, FL and surrounding areas as soon as possible.